We believe the best way for children to get the most out of the long summer vacation period is to keep active and healthy while having fun and learning new skills. At our camps, children will not only learn about golf from top coaches, but they will also make memories and forge friendships.

At the Black Iron Golf Academy, we’re passionate about teaching and sharing our love of golf. Introducing little ones to this beautiful sport is highly rewarding. If your child already has golf experience, our camps will allow them to continue training in the sport, as well as engaging in fun activities. Chaparral Golf Club has beautiful forest surroundings, and so all our camp activities are carried out outdoors – an environment that benefits children’s learning.

In addition to the children’s camps, we also offer summer camps for adults. We have various courses available – for those who are new to golf and want to learn from scratch to more intensive and high-performance technical courses focused on lower handicaps. Groups will be based on experience so that everyone can fit in at their level. Private golf lessons are also available, either individually or as a family.

The camp dynamic is as follows:

– For the little ones, the program focuses on learning while playing and having fun, as it’s the best way for them to enter the wonderful world of golf.

– For those who already have golf knowledge and want to improve, we have developed a more technical program, where we will analyze and work on areas of improvement and reinforce strengths in order to advance and take their golf to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for private golf lessons or group lessons, we will have various formats of summer camps, and intensive training sessions between 9am and 2pm, Monday through Friday.

Don’t forget that with us, you are leaving your child in very good hands. The Black Iron Golf Academy is an approved organization with all the mandatory insurance in order. We comply with all regulations, and we only work with qualified personnel. In addition, our Black Iron Golf Academy summer camps have been developed in compliance with the COVID-19 prevention and distancing measures.