Meet Blackiron´s Technical Team

At BlackIron Golf Academy, we have a great team of professionals to assist you in your golf instruction. These are the pros who are part of our technical staff.



  • International Coach with PGA experience (Sergio Garcia)
  • Ambassador of Jacobs 3D Golf Biomechanics
  • Speaker as expert trainer in international forums

Meet Dani, technical director of the academy and an international benchmark in golf education. Dani brings with him an approach enriched by excellence and innovation. His connection to the world of golf biomechanics manifests itself as an Ambassador for Jacobs 3D Golf Biomechanics, ensuring that every lesson is backed by the latest advances in swing analysis.
What really sets Dani apart is his devotion to his students. He is committed to providing personalised teaching, being fully involved in each student’s progress. Dani will not only teach you to perfect your technique, but will also be your guide in discovering the true essence and enjoyment of golf at all levels.



  • Sport Technician level 1 of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.
  • Telecommunication Engineer and Executive MBA by the IE
  • Expert in sports school management with 20 years of experience.

Meet Pablo, Academy Director, professional player and leading member of PGA Spain TP1 and Wedge Matrix. With a deep passion for golf, Pablo not only brings his expertise to the course as a player, but also as a Fitter member of the International Clubmakers Guild, ensuring our students have the perfect team to hone their skills. With 20 years of experience in sports school management, his hard-working approach and genuine commitment to the development of his students creates a unique educational experience.
His solid academic background is fused with unrivalled technical precision and strategic vision on the golf course. Thanks to his engaging personality and his ability as a great communicator, Pablo makes every lesson engaging and motivating. With Pablo on board, our golf academy is enriched with an exceptional combination of technical expertise, sports management experience and a deep love of the game.



  • Sport Technician level 1 of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.
  • National and international professional player and member of PGA España and APGA Andalucía.
  • Head Pro in different golf academies

Meet Sevi, a professional player of national and international renown, Sevi fuses his competitiveness and charisma with an innate ability for the game of golf.
A distinguished member of PGA Spain and APGA Andalucia, Sevi brings not only his expertise on the course but also his experience as a Head Pro at various academies and his Masters in Golf Course Management. His competitive approach is reflected in every session, challenging his students to reach new heights in their game.
Sevi brings with him an undeniable friendliness and a friendly disposition. His lessons are both relaxed and enjoyable because he understands that learning is enhanced in a comfortable and friendly environment, where fun and enjoyment are intertwined with technical improvement.
With 15 years experience as a golf coach, Sevi has perfected the art of creating lessons that not only challenge but also inspire.



  • South American Golf Federation Level 1 and 2 Certification. R&A Trackaman University R&A Trackaman University
  • Asogolf Guatemala
  • Certification of the Psychological Training Model

Meet Gregorio, a distinguished instructor, who fuses his extensive technical knowledge with a unique ability to simplify concepts. With certifications from the Federación Suramericana de Golf and outstanding distinctions such as R&A Trackman University, his international experience and his certification in Psychological Coaching give him a holistic perspective. Fluent in English and Spanish, his polite approach and patience make each lesson accessible and enriching, making him an exceptional teacher to improve your game.



  • Sport Technician level 1 of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science en la Universidad de Lindenwood (EE.UU)
  • Master of Management in Sports Entities at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

Meet Alvaro, a young and enthusiastic golf professional, noted for his energy and ambition. Thanks to his strong technical background and personalised approach, Alvaro combines his passion for golf with a genuine commitment to the development and enjoyment of his students. With Alvaro, his students not only improve their technique, but also discover joy and personal growth through golf.


  • 10 years working in multinational companies (sales, ecommerce and marketing).
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Master in Marketing and Sales (ESIC)


The team has more than 10 years of experience training at all levels, from beginners to Alps Tour, European Tour and PGA Tour. Our technical director Daniel Colomar, ambassador for Spain of the prestigious Jacobs 3D programme, has extensive international experience, having trained, among others, players of the stature of Sergio García.
Two fundamental pillars of the academy are the development of female and junior talent, adapting each training programme to the style and age of each player.


Our standard of quality requires us to be at the forefront of the golf teaching industry in every aspect, which is why we have the latest technology:
TrackMan 4
SAM PuttLab
The Perfect Putter



Every player is unique, so no two swings are the same. We believe that each movement is intrinsic to the personality and nature of each person. We train trying to understand that essence, and through an agile and easy to understand model for the player we naturally integrate new habits that help to better assimilate the concepts making them last over time.


It is critical to analyse with data and statistics the movements, results, strengths and weaknesses in order to build a solid work plan for improvement. Now it is possible to have all this information in an accurate way thanks to technology and our team of experts in its use.